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Nowadays planting rubber tree is very interesting for a lot of the people due to the increasing price of natural rubber in the world market which push people to open new area or intensively to replant old rubber trees .Many factors which support are nurseries and land preparation are important process to determine the success full of planting rubber . Beside that choosing planting material which using recommended clone from research institution is also determine the success full . If all of process have been done follow agronomical technique automatic productivity in the first of tapping and production kg/ha/year is higher than compared rubber plantation which prepared by traditional. Up keep in the periodic immaturity should be done properly like establishment cover crop , eradication of lalang , weeding both manual in the first of planting and continued strip spraying by chemical , application fertilizer according recommendation . In the first of tapping , all of the candidate of tapper should be trained in the tapping school in order to keep the quality of tapping involve depth of tapping and bark consumption .The hope is the rubber trees can be exploited for next 25 years.


The following described photo operation in the field from land clearing until tapping which can be used by investor as guidance to open a new planting as benchmarking It is shown calculation cost to maturity ( cost from land clearing until immature 5 ) man power planning which is prepared to support

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